steamboat springs water weekend

In true summer form, life is slammed.

That didn’t stop us for getting up to Steamboat Springs last weekend for our friends’ annual “Structure” party (aka, a party at an unfinished structure that they are building – that is super impressive and far beyond any construction endeavor I’d ever consider embarking on).

We got in late Friday, and spent Saturday in a state of utter relaxation. After a much needed snooze, we gobbled up “breakfast” around 11 a.m. at BeauJo’s pizza. You’ve heard of New York style pizza, Chicago style pizza, and now you can add to your list Colorado style pizza. True story. I think “Colorado style” can be described as braided crust, dipped in Colorado honey. It’s good. Regardless, they (carefully! read: no cross contamination) make a great gluten free pizza, and we happily partook in the Hawaiian version this particular day.


Then we headed up to Fish Creek Falls – an extremely gentle, “well trafficked” hike that leads to an impressive waterfall. We spent the majority of the day lounging in the water before heading to explore downtown Steamboat.

Warning: lots of Penny pics to follow…

Greenfish creek falls photoObligatory posed photo with Penny in front of the falls.

WildflowersYep. More wildflowers. #cantstopwontstop

4Colorado Waterfallup close and personalUp close and personal with the Fish Creek Falls.

7 a naturalPenny is NOT a natural swimmer (but I think she likes it). Note the amusement on everyone’s faces as she struggles (rude).

Witness here her absolute state of panic as she gets help through the “rapids” (worth it, I think, to click through to the bigger picture to get the full force of the expression):

8 Pure Panic8 Kickin It9 Exhausted, guysExhausted, guys.

Sunburns acquired, we headed to downtown Steamboat for gelato, shopping, and margarita drinking/strawberry eating by the river (not pictured, but certainly enjoyed).

11 downtown10 Steamyboat11 1312 pig penPig pen… get it? No? Fine. I do what I want.

To push relaxation to a whole new level, we tubed the Yampa River on Sunday. Apparently this is just something Steamboatians “do” on their weekends. My only experiences tubing prior to this were snake-infested on the Black River in Missouri (no bueno). Tubing reaches a whole new level when you’re surrounded by gorgeous green mountains and don’t have to worry about being kidnapped by toothless hillbillies (Karie, you know what I’m talking about…).


If there was a rock, I crashed into it. Well worth the bruises.


And finally, what’s an amazing weekend of recoup without a gorgeous drive home? Can’t wait to get back and do some further Steamboat exploring – a trip, I think, to be saved for crispy crispy fall…

16 Road Home 17 Home



  1. Sounds like an amazing weekend! I’ll be in Steamboat with my parents next week and am wondering if the Fish Creek Falls hike would be gentle enough for my mom who just had knee surgery about a month ago but is walking around just fine, but going slowly on stairs. Is there much vertical?

    1. This would definitely be the perfect “hike” for you. I swear, the most vertical we had was walking from the lower parking lot to the upper parking lot. It’s a really gentle hike to the lower falls – and I think it’s even less than a mile. You guys will have a good time – but expect $5 or so to park and a crowd in the afternoon!

      Have fun in Steamboat! I just love it there. Let me know if you discover anything awesome!

      1. That does sound perfect, thanks! I’ll keep you posted – it’s been ages since I’ve spent time in Steamboat and one of my favorite spots used to be Bella’s Wine Bar and Creperie, but Yelp just told me it’s closed :( I’ll let you know if I find a suitable replacement!

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