dryer thoughts

Last summer, Matt and I hiked Mt. Democrat, the first 14er on the Decalibron trail – which ultimately leads you to the summit of four 14ers. It was my first 14er, so we skipped the final three, and took Peak 1 as a well-earned victory.

This summer, we’ve made it a goal to tackle the last three, and have planned to do so for like, the last 4 weekends. But, without fail, at the end of every week the weather in Alma shows nothing but thunderstorms lasting the entire weekend. So we’ve skipped it… until now.

Matt is determined to finish Decalibron this weekend no matter what. And guess what, it’s predicted to thunderstorm all weekend again. When I told him the news last night, he told me (in fewer words) to pack a raincoat. Hrumph.

So, I’m asking everyone to send dry thoughts this way. Not for forever (because we sure do need all this good good water), but just for Saturday morning, to keep my tootsies dry and my body unelectrocuted.




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