End of Summer at State Bridge

The end of the summer came and went, then the end of the year, then came a new job and here we are. I have a few backlogged posts of things we’ve seen and experienced, and I’ll be sharing them here over the next week or so.

Each summer Matt and I try to dedicate at least one weekend to a State Bridge getaway. Camping in State Bridge is different from our normal camping weekends where we try to find remote, quiet places to relax. Instead, we find ourselves in a mini tent city in a valley cut in two by the Colorado River and train tracks.

State Bridge is a small, scenic amphitheater, but during the day campers & concert-goers spend their time paddle boarding down the river and participating in yoga classes provided by the venue. It’s a guaranteed fantastic time if you can brave the crowds and chalk it up to a week of community – and it’s an especially good time if you catch a weekend with clear, dry skies.

And the drive to State Bridge, in Bond, Colorado, is pretty spectacular in itself.

Seen at State Bridge

Seen on the road to State Bridge

To State Bridge

State Bridge Camping Spot

Paddleboard in State Bridge

Litter Pig Steamboat

Welcome to the commune. It’s party time, but don’t be a litter pig, friends.

Railroad at State Bridge State Bridge Chaos State Bridge Tent City

This year, we wrapped up our summer in State Bridge at an Infamous Stringdusters show. Looking forward to this year’s lineup and more time in the State Bridge sanctuary.


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