Frozen Dead Guy Days | Nederland

Every March in Nederland, Colorado, the most bizarre festival takes place: the Frozen Dead Guy Days.

As the legend goes, for the last 25 years a man (affectionately referred to as Grandpa Bredo) has been cryogenically frozen in a Tuff Shed in Nederland, awaiting the technology to be reanimated and return to life on Earth. The legend is long, interesting, and dramatic. If you’re interested, you can read about it here.

That said, every year Nederland celebrates this frozen celebrity by throwing Frozen Dead Guy Days – a giant, dead guy-themed party in what’s otherwise a quite mountain town. Matt and I headed up this year and will return to do it right next year. We missed most of the action – arriving much later than anticipated – but still witnessed the rowdy crowd, frozen turkey bowling, and enjoyed a beer or two at Very Nice Brewing Company.

Nederland Train.jpg

As seen at Frozen Dead Guy Days – March, 2014 – Nederland, Colorado.

Nederland Town Hall.jpg Nederland Dead Guy Days Scene.jpg Scene at Dead Guy Days.jpg

Note to self: next year, wear a costume. And water resistant shoes.

Dead Guy Days Costumes.jpg

Nederland Matt at Dead Guy Days.jpg

Very Nice Brewery


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