To New Orleans for Jazzfest

I love New Orleans. A lot. Not because of Bourbon Street, hurricanes, and days on days of no sleep and overconsumption. But because of the music, the architecture, the history, and the food. My god, the food. In April, Matt was scheduled to work in New Orleans on the same weekend as Jazzfest. I grabbed on to his coattails and held on for dear life. And, as usual, it was wonderful. New Orleans, you never disappoint.

I want to first share this great shot Matt took of the St. Louis Cathedral. If you don’t follow this kid on Instagram yet, it’s probably time you do. M3 has a way of capturing great moments – like this sunset on our first night. #respect

St. Louis Cathedral

Tug Boats New Orleans.jpg

Because Matt spent the days workingworkingworking, I hit the streets by my lonesome and just spent time wandering around seeing all the things. First I grabbed a Cuban sandwich from the Counter Market & Deli – it was… amazing, but apparently the Counter has since closed it’s doors. Sad. I traveled down to the river to eat, take in several street performances, watch the barges sail by, and get (of course) a sunburn.

Fortunately when the weekend came Matt and I were able to explore together. There are so many unanticipated details in New Orleans – I always make sure I look down every alleyway – you never know when you’ll see a quaint garden cafe or historic oasis in the most unlikely place. And a rule of thumb; when in New Orleans, always look up.

In New Orleans, always look UP

IMG_1787 Praline Connection Seen in New Orleans Seen on the streets new orleans

Journey to the SaaS Model - outline - 6.23.14Our hotel was a short walk from the French Market, which we visited several times for breakfast from the farmer’s market, fresh juice (sometimes with a little added adult spirit love), po’boys and general time wasting.

French Market New Orleans

French Market Crawfish French Market Open Air French Market Schwag

Oysters French Market Po Boy New Orleans New Orleans Market

By the time Jazzfest came we were so exhausted that we posted up in a grassy field with a bowl of quail gumbo and dozed off to sleep. That said, it’s worth noting that Robert Plant was the one providing us with the lullabys and drifting in and out of sleep to the voice of a legend (who surprisingly sang a myriad of Led Zeppelin songs) was a special experience and absolutely made the day.

On our final day we made sure Matt got the full “first time in New Orleans” experience – gorging on beignets (another first for M3, one that I’m certain he enjoyed), paying our respects to Marie Laveau at the Saint Louis Cemetery No. 1 (Matt left his XXXs but I was too scared), washing the voodoo juju off at the Old Ursuline Convent, and stopping into the Avenue Pub for one final cheers to a fantastic visit to one of my favorite cities.

Warning: this is about to get touristy. 

Cafe Dumonde

Beignets Du Monde


Ursline Convent New Orleans

It’s said… one can write an X (although I think most write three X’s) on Marie Laveau’s tomb, knock on it, turn around three times, make a wish, and it will come true. Apparently it’s also not a bad idea to leave something as tribute to really push your wish through. Deep-seeded Catholic guilt and superstition kept me from partaking – I regret this. Next time. See Matt’s process and tribute below:

Marie Laveau's Grave New Orleans

What we left at Marie Laveau's Grave

I’ll let you know if the wish comes through, but somehow I don’t think Laveau will pay much attention to a 25 cent request.

Although it was a bit off the beaten path (in Uptown), the Avenue Pub was well worth the visit. Consistently rated one of the top beer bars nationwide, Avenue Pub deserves far more of my attention the next time I am in. Which I sincerely hope is much sooner than later.

Avenue Pub New Orleans

A tourist at Avenue Pub

Exhausted, the tourists return home.


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