From Telluride to Denver | Ophir Pass

Back to Telluride this year for the Bluegrass Festival. Amazing times ensued. The Punch Brothers (who cover Reptillia here… and I like it) and Andrew Bird were fantastic and totally killed it (as expected).

Everything about the Telluride Bluegrass Festival is wonderful: an incredible, surreal location (upon arrival, my friend John appropriately asked, “Is this real life?”), a gorgeous town, great music, a relaxing and community-oriented crowd, and this year, a wonderful group of friends to share the experience with.

Props to Matt, Ryan and DDoll for waking up early to participate in the tent rush to secure us a prime spot for the day that allowed us to lay back and relax with an unobstructed view of the stage. Lazy Days Telluride.jpg Telluride Bluegrass Festival Jumping in Telluride.jpg Telluride Post-Bluegrass.jpg Totally stole a couple of these from Danielle (who documents her Colorado adventures here). Thanks for capturing some of these Telluride moments, DD Mack. :)

As we embarked on the ride home Sunday we decided to forego the direct route and take a scenic pass home.

The ride started smoothly in the town of Ophir (population 113)… but as we headed up the Ophir Pass, the narrow roads and loose rock (we’re talking… should this loose rock give out we will surely plummet to our deaths) was a little too much for me to handle. #whiteknuckles #lastrites #keepthecarontheroad

Props #2 to Ryan for keeping his cool and getting us through the pass without falling off the road. I owe you one. Telluride Pass Telluride Ride Home Okay… this might not look scary, but I swear it was really steep off the side and it felt like we were really close to the side. Fortunately there were pretty things to look at that semi-distracted me. Semi. Okay maybe I’m just being dramatic.Long Way Down Telluride Drive Home The View Below (above) The town of Ophir in the valley below. (below) Reaching the top of the Ophir Pass. Ophir Pass Cross on Ophir Pass Creek on Ophir Pass (below) A view of the road through the canyon. Shot of the Road on Ophir Pass Ryan and D on Ophir Matt & I on Ophir Pass We were rewarded with our efforts to get through the pass by a surprise mega-waterfall. We stopped to catch our collective breath and unclench our buttcheeks… and take touristy photos.

I can’t say I will revisit Ophir Pass any time soon, but I CAN say I’ve checked it off my list and, retrospectively, it was awesome.


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  1. OMG. My husband and i just took the Ophir Pass from Silverton to Telluride last Sunday. At one point, we thought we were gonna go off the side. Totally scary. I comiserated while reading your experience.

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