In June I was honored to be apart of the – hands down – best wedding I have ever been to and possibly the best wedding that’s ever happened. Yes, Karie is possibly the most laid back bride ever to have existed, which does lend its part to a fun and laid back soiree, but the camaraderie and love found in everyone present is simply unmatched.

Rarely anymore – I feel – families and friends come together at a wedding not just to celebrate and support, but also to play a personal role in the process of the festivities. With Karie and Sean’s wedding you saw love on display as those who support them entirely lent their hands in scavenging for perfect florals, cleaning up the grounds so not a leaf was misplaced, or even just making sure hydration was happening and good tunes were playing overhead. It felt so inclusive and so special to be a part of.

Karie is not the person to post an album of wedding photos to any sort of social media platform, and as always this blog serves as visual documentation of special moments in my life, so I’m posting some of my favorite selects that she shared – taken by our incredibly talented friend, John Hook.



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video time

First up: Oh, Dove. You just know how to woo the ladies.

And now, if you’ve got your dancing shoes on…

So wishing I were closer to Aspen to catch them tomorrow night at Belly Up. It’s a $5 show – enjoy that while it lasts!

meet you at the state bridge

Feeling St. Louis homesick? I recently found that channeling your inner Offsets and partaking in a little cliff jumping can satisfy the craving (and also cause slight gluteal bruising). A couple of weeks ago I headed just outside Silverthorne to Green Mountain Reservoir – we’d recently gotten a ton of rain and were hoping that post-torrential downpour, the reservoir would be swollen with water and ready for some swimmers. After the mega heat and dry weather this summer, we were met with a very low reservoir and several hesitations about whether or not cliff jumping was the best idea.

This is where someone 10 years younger than me would write something like, “#yolo!!!” – However, I’m an old lady and it took nearly an hour of deliberation and the visual of several more youthful, braver souls jumping in to convince me I wasn’t going to break my spine diving in.

The challenge: while the Offsets has a handy steps and ladders system to boost you from the waters grasp, Green Mountain Reservoir isn’t necessarily built to attract jumpers. So, after plunging in from 30 feet (the water was way too low to convince me to go any higher), you have to swim a zillion miles over to a hikeable area and climb your way back to the top. (Side story: after a few days of rain leading to loose rocks and damp ground, I may or may not have been caught in a rock slide and nearly taken out by a boulder on one of my ascents…).

Anywho, the day was short lived after one jump led to what can only be described as a full on swimsuit-induced enema. Ouch. Regardless, swimming in crystal blue water in the middle of the mountains is a heck of a good time and highly recommended.

The drive down 70 carried on until we reached Bond, Colorado for the evening’s events. So, basically, if you’re driving toward Kremmling, pop west on the Colorado River Headwaters Scenic Byway and follow the river through the mountains until you get to State Bridge – a strange and awesome little campground and music venue in the middle of nowhere. We were there to meet up with some folks and catch Day 2 of a weekend-long mini music festival – Boombox headlining. Along the way the rain picked up again, causing our supposed “campground” to turn into Mud City.

We zipped up rain jackets and prepared to take on the wet. Fortunately, about two beverages into the afternoon, the rain let up and the sun joined us. The rest of the weekend was simply spectacular. Opening for Boombox was Human Agency (as seen at Westword Artopia) and the incredibly surprising ishi – a band I’ve not stopped listening to since I saw them. Any lead singer that wears a full Indian headdress and a long red cape has my undivided attention. Dancing was had.

big times on broadway

I’m finding the older I get, the harder it is for me to recuperate from a night of cocktail-partaking. It took me a solid two days (and several unhealthy meals) to fight through the aftermath of Artopia, but, in this case, it was totally worth it.

With so much going on across all 5 venues, it was hard to catch everything. But, we arrived early and definitely go our money’s worth. We sampled delicious food, checked out some fantastic (and desirable) artwork, watched Danielle Ate the Sandwich while browsing the local handmade artists’ booths, saw a marching band, break dancers, fire dancers, burlesque dancers (ladies and gentlemen), a human contortionist, live street art and ice sculpting, some weird modern flash mob dancers that no one understood, roller derby girls, a dude painting a car, and several bands. Of course, the night was capped off with a dance party on the fashion show runway with 50 year old women covered in body glitter. Standard.

Recommended for next year.

Aron Dubois: Artist from Alex Dubois on Vimeo.